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Make a Booking

Looking to book an event?

A big Birthday bash, Charity do, wedding reception! 

We can help cater to them all!

To make a booking request please click on the +

White Structure

Conditions of Booking

  • To treat the hall with care and respect

  • To clean the hall before and after my booking only with the provided cleaning equipment and products.

  •  Provide contact details of two persons in attendance at all times for fire regulations

  • To return the cafeteria seating area back to its usual layout if moved.

  • To report any accidents and record them in the accident book.

  • To report any damage to the hall.

  • To complete the sign in sheet when arriving and leaving.

  • To turn off the lights and hot water heaters before leaving.

  • To make sure that the hall is locked on leaving.

  • To keep the side doors closed if playing music or films during an evening booking.

  • To provide a copy of liability insurance to the hall from any hire equipment company (such as bouncy castle supplier)

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